Pricing Policy

Just like all good produce retailers, we reserve the right to change the price without notice. However, we respect our members and will honour your active subscription pricing, based on this policy.

This is what we affectionately call the “Grandfather Policy”. This means if you have an active subscription with us before the price change, the price for your subscription will remain the same for up to 12 months from the price change. From the 12-month-mark onwards, we may choose to automatically change the price of your active subscription service to the new pricing, by providing 30 days written notice via email.

Please be aware that any changes or edits to current active subscriptions may trigger an automatic change to reflect the new price. So you’ve got two options: either hold off on the change to your subscription, or do so with caution - once your account is updated to reflect the price change, it is non-reversible.

As with most things in our world, produce prices are slowly increasing but even so, our goal is to maximise the value of the box being delivered straight to your door! There is an inherent labour cost with Certified Organic produce because everything in your delivery must be physically inspected (like we all do in a store) by one of our family members.

We are always happy to chat about the whys and hows, so if you’re not totally sure, just give us a call.

Melissa & Heath