How to add or edit items in your order

So, you’ve seen wonderful variety of pantry items we supply & want to add something to your order: no worries! Who wouldn’t want 100% Certified Organic eggs, bread, milk, cheese (even yogurt & pasta!) delivered straight to your door. Nothin’ but convenience.

The process is simple: log in to your FarmGate account and the menu on the left will list an option of “My Regular Orders” - click on this. You can also click on the box in the bottom right corner “view my Regular Orders”.

Your order/s will then appear in a box on the right side of the screen, along with a few buttons: options to ‘cancel’, ‘change address’, ‘change payment’ and ‘edit subscription’. Click on ‘edit subscription’.

At this point, you have three more options: to Add Produce, Add Meat or Add Pantry Items.

The process to add Produce, Meat or Pantry items is the same: click on the button needed and a pop up box will appear.

Scroll through the items available and select which item you would like to have added to your order. Once your item is chosen, click ‘Add to My Regular Order’. If you’d like to add another Produce, Meat or Pantry item, then simply repeat these steps until your cart is contentedly full with all the items you’ll need.

Once you’ve added the items to your order, you’ll see them listed in the “Edit Regular Order” page. If you need to remove any item from your order, simply press the red X listed next to the item.

If you’re happy with the contents of your order, then click ‘Apply Changes’ to finalise. As always, keep in mind the timeframe of our Farm Fresh Cycle and make any changes before 10pm Wednesdays the week before your order is due to be delivered.

And of course, if you have any questions or need a hand navigating your order - just holla! That’s what we’re here for.

Melissa & Heath