Where is my Box?

Been stood up by your box?

Put down the tub of ice-cream - we'll have you reunited in no time.

First off, be sure to have a real good peer around your porch. From time to time, your box may be left in a not-so-obvious place by accident. Some of our drivers' camouflaging capabilities are too sophisticated for the rest of us.

Still no sign? What we need to know next is whether you received your delivery SMS containing your tracking code and EDT the night before.

If you never received this SMS, then hop onto the G'Day chat on our website, and we'll get on to the case for you.

If you did receive this SMS, the day has passed and you haven't had a delivery confirmation SMS since, then also jump online and say G'Day, and we'll try and track your box down for you.

Please note - if you've recently placed an order for your first box, the absence of your box may be down to the region you live in. You can read more about this here.

Melissa & Heath