Can I Choose the Contents of my Box?

Generally speaking, no.

We try to offer as much variety of seasonal produce and premium meat cuts in our boxes as possible to keep things fresh and interesting for our members. And although we try to please everyone, even we can't be perfect (although Heath tries).

Similarly, we aren't able to offer bulk items, but there’s no harm in asking. If there’s any excess produce from our farmers then we’ll try and connect some dots for you!

We also need to stand by our local growers who are unable to magically summon pineapples in the winter months.

Because we understand that most of us have that thing we try to pick out our plate (we're looking at you, celery), you can list 3 dislikes to our produce boxes only through your Farmgate account when you place your order. This is also the time to let us know of any allergies too!

We can't accept dislikes for whole food groups (nightshades, we see you), but watch this space for upcoming box ranges that may suit your lifestyle more specifically!

Melissa & Heath